Love, The Colorless

By Patricia Rejoice Akosua Benuyenah

“I am her freedom dream continuing.”

Her last footstep cradles my journey

The perpetual flame handed to me

Living a life colorless

Lest I miss the fun fair



The trumpeted rhythms echoing 

Leaving you and I perplexed, 

Lost in touch, in thought.

Blurring the consciousness of our vision

Mirroring interpretations of what we conceive

From a single pot we drain drink as we dine


M..m..m..m..m h….

Old as Mother Earth

Seen by all as the “sequoia sempervirens” 

Coast redwood exposed by the ocean just as the blue whale 

She makes statements everywhere like the lily

She, the queen of every garden 

Even the blind testify the beauty endowed in her

She, a peregrine falcon

Soaring to prodigious heights

Diving through the heart

The most famed being in the world of words 

As memorable as mother’s first born 

Perceptible as footprints on a rainy muddy day

A toddler’s white powdered steps on a red carpet 

But has she a color?

Your spectacles reveal the shade YOU give her. 


She wears loyalty wisdom intelligence,

garnished with confidence wedged in faith and truth.


 She refreshes you with naturally calming peace, 

 Renews your health as you grow in harmony?


 She is full of passion that has no match,

 But angers at drops of dew at dawn.


 Energized, crossing all boundaries to clear hurdles unseen, 

 Infesting you with overwhelming happiness to vitalize your system.


 Promising immeasurable happiness in the seventh heaven,

 All docking in deceit.


 Embellished luxury she owns on SUN and MOON,

 But her astute mysterious spirituality rocks.


 Except for the femininity and tenderness weaved in her,

 Winning the Nobel sensitivity and romance award.


 Nothing apart from wholesomeness seeded honestly,

 Emitting warmth from her succulent physique. 


Embodiment of power cropped in elegance unparalleled, 

Sophisticated in stature and nature in wool. 


She soothes with her cleanliness and freshness as the beginning of new spring,

She breaths straightforwardness, simplicity.


 She is epitome of professionalism, a sword that cuts all formalities,

 But clothed in conventionality more than the founders.

Amaranthine, timeless generational aroma meandering through forests of Finland and Congo   


Your lenses, 

Echo what means LOVE!

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