Exchange 2: Hawaii to Ghana – Strong Women

“The tapestry that is Sisters Across Oceans, invites the reader into a quilted history which when unraveled, reveals  color-filled memories, ancestral stories, personal sheroes, and a reconfiguration of the dominant paradigm of white supremacy.   Instead of relying on this tired paradigm, these Black female poets reveal that despite oceans of displacement, thin strands of history can be recovered, while resonant voices and transformational stories are reclaimed. Their words foster love, create reality, break chains of oppression, unearth taboos, and reveal the pain of invisibility. Words, their words, also can lead to liberation, freedom, and celebration. 

– Kathryn Takara

Roll Call

Allison Francis 

Daphne Barbee-Wooten & Apiorkor Seyiram

Kathryn Takara & Patricia Rejoice Akosua 

Kimberly Keys & MadaGhana Crystal 

Paula Major & Mariska Taylor

Regina Cook & Britney Tachie 

Sandra Simms & Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia Mum C

Shawna Sherman, Ava Beamon, Celestine Nudanu

Willie Bennerman & Afua Adomako

In Sisters Across Oceans, these poets affirm self-determination, empower their will to survive, to fight back, to change, inspire conscience, evoke consciousness, and offer courage.  It is time again for Black women to heed their voices, and coalesce their creative power to change the ever-shifting, global landscape.”

-Kathryn Takara

Featured Poems

Love, The Colorless 

by Patricia Rejoice Akosua Benuyenah

“I am her freedom dream continuing.”

Her last footstep cradles my journey

The perpetual flame handed to me

Living a life colorless

Lest I miss the fun fair



The trumpeted rhythms echoing 

Leaving you and I perplexed, 

Lost in touch, in thought.

Blurring the consciousness of our vision

Mirroring interpretations of what we conceive

From a single pot we drain drink as we dine


M..m..m..m..m h….


by Celestine Nudanu

No man should be silenced with a knee

nor with guns, nor with a word.

for the freedom to breathe is a given

and freedom to express should be free

like the very air we breathe

words are powerful

so is silence

so is the will to be heard

above the din of the silence

when silence becomes golden

it loses its lustre

as one people all over

our words must be the voice

for the voiceless…