Mama Told Me

by Victory Osarumwense

Mama told me 

Not to wear my love for you on my chest

That I should bury it between my thighs

Tucked between layers upon layers of 

Fabric, belt, jean, panties before skin…

Something hidden, 

That would call you to dig up

That I should make you thirsty 

To find my love for you buried beneath the surface of myself. 

But they call me obstinate

Cause I wore it shamelessly on my neck as a scarf, 

Easy to reach for and pull away.

Easy to spot from a distance.

Something you’d lay hold of without sweat.

But they call me lazy

For I couldn’t find the strength to dig between the layers of myself to hide it.

You call my name 

and a miracle of a smile appears on my forehead.

Then I remember,

and pray beneath my breath that you don’t see-

That my eyes want to explore the depths of your soul. 

You ask me a question 

Then I remember again,

that I should bury it far away for you to dig up.

So I give you a cold stare, 

mumble words that do not really answer your question and walk away.

I walk away in hope,

That you’d follow and find the love held in my palm, 

I wanted to bury it.

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