Fat Tuesday

by Makeda

We went to Nana house 

for Catholic Friday fish and fries,

coleslaw, pound cake

scrumptious, icebox lemon pies.

But my favorite day was Tuesday

when those who were able

could hear my Daddy making love

to Mama at the dining table.

He made love creative

like fairy tales and fables to describe 

how good Mama’s food was 

to those who sat around the table.

Visitors would smile and blush

even Auntie Mable,

when they heard my Daddy making love

to my Mama at the table.

Oh, Daddy was dramatic

mmmm, ohhh, baby, this is good

he moaned and crooned

for breakfast lunch and dinner 

and as often as he could.

Mama was blushing red,

like beans and rice, Daddy’s favorite.

“Pass the cornbread honey and the hot sauce,”

then he would kiss her sweetly on her cheek,

not just once but twice.

Many years have gone by since I sat at that table.

Now I don’t believe in fairy tales and fables,

but I would do anything if just one more time

I was able to hear my Daddy making love to

Mama at the table.

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